Diaper Bank

As Norwalk community partner of The Diaper Bank of Connecticut, our health center NCHC will now be offering patients access to basic and essential sanitary hygiene needs through an internal diaper bank.

Patients will be issued a voucher from their health center provider & care team. It can be redeemed during our Diaper Bank operating hours for pediatric diapers, women’s period, and adult incontinence products.

In an effort to fairly distribute supplies, the vouchers will be limited to 1 per person, per month, while supplies last.


IMPORTANT: This Diaper Bank is only available to our patients. Vouchers are available via the recommendation of their Norwalk Community Center health providers or care teams.

Patients can redeem their Diaper Bank vouchers through our Patient Engagement department only during the following hours:

Mon: 9am-11am
Tues: 2pm-4pm
Thurs: 9am-11am
Fri: 2pm-4pm

diaper bank flyer photo

Patient and Community Outreach Services

Beyond treating illness, as a comprehensive family primary care provider, NCHC is committed to the continued well-being of our 14,000 patients and the health of our community.

Population Health

Beyond treating illness, as a comprehensive family primary care provider, NCHC is committed to the continued well-being of our 14,000 patients and the health of our community.

On-site Pharmacy / 203.899.0708

As a convenience to our patients, prescriptions may be filled and renewed at a pharmacy inside our 120 Connecticut Avenue location. It is staffed by Norwalk Hospital pharmacists.

The Pharmacy at NCHC is open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. Telephone: 203-899-0708

To Refill your Prescription at the Pharmacy Dial (203) 899-0708

Press 1 for a refill | enter 7 digit Rx number | if correct press 1 | to re-enter, press 2 - to refill another Rx, press 1 - if finished |

Press 2 to speak to someone in the pharmacy, press 3

Press 3 for the status of your refill order

Press 4 to leave a message.

Press 5 to hear the pharmacy hours

Press 0 to speak to someone in the pharmacy

On-site Laboratory

As a convenience to our patients, we have an on-site Lab where you can get blood tests ordered by your NCHC Primary Care Provider after your visit.

It is staffed for NCHC by Norwalk Hospital phlebotomists.

203.899.1770 x2000.

Financial Assistance

NCHC welcomes everyone, regardless of ability to pay. We accept most insurance as well as Medicaid and Medicare and Access Health. If you do not have health coverage, or if your circumstances change, we’ll schedule an appointment for you with NCHC’s Eligibility Team. Eligibility Team members are also certified Access Health counselors. They will work with you to determine your discount payment so that you can get the care you need.

Call 203.899.1770 to schedule an Eligibility Appointment.

Patient Education

We are pleased to offer our patients a variety of free classes and occasional programs designed to help you better manage your health. Program examples include:

  • Healthy Beginnings/Comenzando Bien series of 6 prenatal classes for expectant parents
  • Reach and Read for Pediatric Patients
  • Smoking Cessation
  • English Classes

Please see our calendar for upcoming programs and dates.

Patient Support

If you cannot afford the medication prescribed by your NCHC provider, require referral to a medical or surgical specialist, or are dealing with a situation at home or work that prevents you from keeping follow up appointments at NCHC, or from looking after your own health, let us know. Our social services, healthcare, medical records, and referral teams will work with you to connect you with services you need.

  • Social Services
  • Prescription Drug Assistance
  • On site Rapid HIV and Hepatitis C Testing
  • Medical Interpreters
  • Access to Specialty Clinics at Norwalk Hospital
  • Electronic Medical Records

Community Outreach

Please see our calendar for community events